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Construction Defect

How Inspections and Destructive Testing Can Impact Your Case

The steps that one takes in preserving evidence are crucial to a strong construction defect case. Proper notice to involved parties […]

Construction Defect

Defects in Bridge Structures

Defects in bridge structures are common and can pose a significant threat to life and property. It is estimated that […]

Real Estate

Reno Real Estate Market: Inventory Hits Record Lows

Available residential real estate has dropped to record low levels in Reno and many parts of the country. As the […]

Business Law

What Is an Anticipatory Breach of Contract?

An Anticipatory breach of contract occurs when one party indicates, through behavior, actions, or words, his or her intention to […]


Do You Need to Amend Your HOA Governing Documents?

Before embarking on the process of amending covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) and Rules/Regulations that govern homeowners’ associations (HOAs), HOA […]

Cannabis Law

Crackdown on CBD Industry: Unsubstantiated Marketing Claims

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), along with, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) closely watches the CBD sector for making […]


Construction Penalties in HOAs

Homeowners should always confirm HOA rules prior to commencing construction or alteration on their home. Whether installing a patio or […]

Construction Defect

The Difference Between Patent and Latent Construction Defects

While patent defects are obvious and are typically discovered during an inspection of the property, latent defects are hidden. The […]

Real Estate

What Is Inverse Condemnation?

While governmental bodies may use eminent domain to seize land for the public’s benefit, property owners may file inverse condemnation […]

Cannabis Law

CBD Industry Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

CBD companies in Nevada operate in a legal gray zone because of a lack of regulations from the federal Food […]

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