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Our construction defect lawyers at Maddox, Segerblom & Canepa represent property owners in disputes with builders, designers, general contractors, and developers when construction defects exist. If your home or business is affected by serious defects that the builder won’t, or can’t repair, you have the right to recover your losses by filing a claim or taking legal action.

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Protecting Your Home, Business, and Real Estate Investments

We help homeowners plagued by new home construction defects in Nevada and Northern California resolve the legal issues that arise out of construction projects, such as a breach of contract or breach of warranty. We want to protect your residential property, real estate investments, and your dreams.

Real estate is one of the largest and most important investments most people make. When you purchase a new home or investment property, you depend on the home builder, his representatives, and the licensed contractors to deliver a product that meets the state and local building standards in Nevada or California, lives up to the promises made, and is safe and structurally sound. When significant defects exist, when the home builder doesn’t address your home defects, you may have remedies for a breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligent design, or other avenues of dispute resolution.

In Reno and Las Vegas, some home builders have a history of construction projects with home defects and construction litigation. Some of these construction defect claims are easily remedied. Others can be solved through dispute resolution. The larger home defects often involve multiple legal issues and require the knowledge and experience of a construction lawyer. In these cases, construction law and the contractual obligations govern the rights and obligations the builder owes the homeowner.

Under Nevada law, a builder (general contractor) is liable for the acts and omissions of its subcontractors. Often times liability comes down to both application of law and contract interpretation. While the law provides the builder with the opportunity to repair, if defects are not corrected, litigation and contractual interpretation is necessary. Our law firm has years of experience litigating construction defect cases and our attorneys are here to help.

It is critical that you hire a construction lawyer to represent your interests in construction defect litigation. Our lawyers have experience with construction litigation. We understand how construction contracts relate to the statutes and know how to apply the law to the facts of your construction project. While construction litigation is an option of last resort, where it is necessary, we are prepared to go forward.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities When Residential Construction Defects Exist

Under Nevada law, you are entitled to have your home restored to the condition it should have been in when your builder completed construction and transferred ownership. To assert your right to repair, restore, or recover damages, specific guidelines must be followed.

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  • You are required to provide legal notice to the builder and allow him/her/it one final opportunity to make effective and proper repairs.
  • These repairs must be performed in accordance with any applicable building codes.
  • Repairs cannot increase the maintenance burden you would have faced had your home been properly constructed.
  • The builder cannot ask you to sign a release of liability.
  • If the builder refuses to perform the repairs, if the repairs are inadequate, or repairs cannot be made, you maintain your rights to further pursue claims.

Common Types of Construction Defects in Nevada

Although some types of construction defects are apparent right away, others may not be so obvious. In fact, most defects don’t become apparent until three to five years after construction was completed. Some home defects, such as plumbing and soils defects, may not appear until years six through ten. Some of the more common types of construction defect cases our construction lawyers handle include:

  • Cracked slabs or foundations
  • Defective stucco
  • Water intrusion
  • Defective soils conditions
  • Electrical and plumbing problems
  • The existence of mold

Construction Defects in Tract Homes and Condos

People who purchased tract homes or condominiums have a responsibility to their neighbors when they discover new home construction defects. Since these types of homes, often referred to as cookie-cutter homes, are constructed similarly and typically share the same home builder, contractors, and developers, the same types of problems tend to plague multiple property owners. Therefore, it is important to take action when you discover a construction defect, and be sure to communicate with your neighbors, friends who own similar properties, and your homeowners’ association right away.

Knowledge Is Power

Our residential construction defect attorneys help draft the statute that governs construction defect law in Nevada and are involved every legislative session to help protect homeowners’ rights. As such, our knowledge of construction law, construction litigation, state rules and regulations is second to none. This gives our attorneys, and our clients, an edge when pursuing defective construction claims.

Construction Defect FAQ’s

  1. What are some common types of construction defects? 

Common types of construction defects include problems with:

  • Foundations and cracked slabs
  • Mold
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical systems
  • Roofing
  • Structural failure
  • Water intrusion at windows/doors
  • Interior drywall cracking
  • Exterior stucco cracking or spalling
  • Concrete/flatwork movement and cracking

2) What types of damages can be recovered in a Nevada construction defect lawsuit?

Generally, property owners can recover the reasonable cost of any repairs, reasonable expert fees, loss of property value, loss of use of the property, the reasonable cost of temporary housing or relocation expenses, litigation costs, and the cost of damage to property resulting from the defect. In some cases, property owners may also recover reasonable attorney’s fees. If a victim suffers severe injuries due to a construction defect, he or she may be able to recover these costs through a personal injury claim.

3) Should property owners hire an expert if they suspect construction defects exist?

Hiring an independent expert to investigate is generally necessary to help prove the property owner’s case. An expert with the necessary training, education, and experience can identify construction defects, their causes, and provide valuable testimony in deposition and trial.  An experienced construction defect attorney will be able to assist in hiring the correct experts.

4) What elements are needed to win a breach of contract claim?

To prevail in a breach of contract cause of action, several elements must be established. These include:

  • The existence of an enforceable contract;
  • Plaintiff’s performance under the contract;
  • Defendant’s unjustifiable or inexcusable failure to perform under the contract; and
  • Resultant damages

5) What rights does your HOA have against the builder/declarant?

An HOA may have claims against a builder/declarant for constructional defects and for any violations of NRS Chapter 116.  This could include violations at the time of declarant turn-over.  For example, the declarant must adequately fund the reserve account at the time of turn-over, turn over control of the common area; and turn over control of all accounts. If the declarant fails to meet its turn-over obligations, the HOA may have a legal claim against the declarant.  In an instance where an HOA is dealing with constructional defects, the HOA may institute litigation against the builder if the defective conditions relate to common elements, any portions of the common-interest community that the HOA owns, or any portions that the HOA has a duty to maintain, repair, insure or replace.



What Our Clients Say

My family and I are thankful to Maddox, Segerblom and Canepa for their assistance during a three year case regarding construction defects to our home. We are truly appreciative of their knowledge, determination and assistance during this process. They were always courteous, and available to answer any and all of our concerns and questions. Thank you for the wonderful resolution. Many thanks to you and your staff.

Frances Castelli

We used Maddox, Segerblom & Canepa to represent us in a legal suit re problems in construction on new properties that we purchased from a developer.

We were very pleased with the representation provided by this law firm. They were fully communicative, responsive to our questions and were very knowledgeable about the issues that required resolution. Even after we reached a resolution, they have been responsive in making sure to point us in the right direction for help with repairs that are required.

We would recommend them to others with similar issues that require legal help.

Atam & Margo Lalchandani

Maddox, Segerblom & Canepa did a FANTASTIC job in our construction defects case. I interacted with several people from their office throughout our 2 year litigation. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always prompt about getting back to you when you have questions/comments/concerns. I especially enjoyed working with Darcy, Ardea, Eva, and Sandra. Being part of a lawsuit is no fun for anyone, but if you have to be a part of one, I can’t say enough positive things about this firm!

Victoria Fox

The law firm of Maddox, Segerblom, and Canepa were amazing to work with. They were thorough and always available for any questions we had. We worked a lot with Sandy who was always professional, friendly, always on time for appointments and just a great person to represent this firm. We have never been involved in a law suit before and they made it comfortable for us. We appreciate the hard work the lawyers and people who work for the firm did and would recommend them.

Becky Loudenburg
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