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Real Estate

What Nevada’s New Eviction Law Could Mean for You

Changes to Nevada eviction law passed in 2019 impacting the process of eviction between landlords and tenants. The law presented new requirements […]

Cannabis Law

Legal Considerations for the Cannabis Industry

Entrepreneurs in Nevada who want to open cannabis businesses must take account of the legal issues that apply to the […]

Civil Litigation

How Prior Material Breach of Contract Can Impact Your Case

While a party’s prior material breach of contract may serve as a complete defense to a breach of contract lawsuit, […]


Here’s What HOAs Should Know About the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new issues for HOA boards and managers in Nevada to handle within their communities. They […]


Homeowners Must Mediate Before Suing HOA.

When Nevada homeowners have disputes with their HOAs, they must go through the state’s alternative dispute resolution procedure before they […]

Construction Defect

Can Thermal Imaging Spot Construction Defects?

Thermal imaging technology may be used to spot several types of construction defects, which can allow developers to fix issues […]

Real Estate

How to Manage A Small Condominium Association

Small condo association management in Nevada poses unique challenges because of fewer resources, but it can be done successfully by […]


When An HOA Is Responsible for Neighbor-to-Neighbor Harassment

Homeowners have the right to peacefully enjoy their property in Nevada and HOAs are often called upon to settle disputes. When […]


CC&Rs Must Be Equally Enforced by HOAs

HOAs are required to uniformly enforce all covenants, conditions, and restrictions within a community. Failing to enforce these uniformly within […]


COVID Bill Protects HOAs

In August 2020, lawmakers passed a COVID-19 liability bill that may shield businesses and non-profits in Nevada, including homeowners associations, from […]

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