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Civil Litigation

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation entails one party seeking either compensation or the cessation or instigation of an action without any involvement of criminal charges. Knowing more about the differences between civil and criminal litigation will give you a better idea of what types of cases qualify as either.

Construction Defect

Types of Construction Defects in Nevada

Construction defects range from improperly installed plumbing and tile to improperly installed windows and exterior walls. The range of defects is broad, and each defect has its own severity in repercussions. When construction defects result in property damage or harm to a person, compensation may be available to those who are affected.

Construction Defect

Can You Sue a Contractor for Unfinished Work?

When hiring a contractor to undertake a project, whether it’s a home renovation, construction job, or any other endeavor, you expect them to complete the work as agreed upon. Unfortunately, not all contractors fulfill their obligations, leaving homeowners and clients with unfinished projects and mounting frustration.

Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A real estate non-disclosure agreement is a legal tool that’s commonly used in real estate transactions to protect the sensitive […]

Real Estate

What Are the Disclosure Requirements for Selling Nevada Real Estate?

A real estate purchase is typically one of the biggest transactions in your life, and before you sell, or buy, […]

Construction Defect

What Is Latent Defect?

Latent defects are one of the two most common types of defects found in new home construction. Unlike patent defects, […]

Construction Defect

Can You Sue a Contractor for Delays?

As a property owner, you may be able to sue a contractor for delays in the completion of a Nevada […]


Who Regulates HOAs in Nevada?

HOA stands for homeowners’ association. It is a private organization that consists of members of a community. HOAs make and […]

Construction Defect

How Long Is a Developer Responsible for Defects in Nevada?

Statutes of limitations and repose work together to limit the period you can hold a developer responsible for construction defects. […]

Construction Defect

What Is the Attorney’s Role in the Construction Defect Claim Process?

The attorney’s role in the construction defect claim process is a critical one. When a construction defect is discovered, an […]

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