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Real Estate

What Is a Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A real estate non-disclosure agreement is a legal tool that’s commonly used in real estate transactions to protect the sensitive […]

Construction Defect

What Is Latent Defect?

Latent defects are one of the two most common types of defects found in new home construction. Unlike patent defects, […]

Construction Defect

Can You Sue a Contractor for Delays?

As a property owner, you may be able to sue a contractor for delays in the completion of a Nevada […]


Who Regulates HOAs in Nevada?

HOA stands for homeowners’ association. It is a private organization that consists of members of a community. HOAs make and […]

Construction Defect

How Long Is a Developer Responsible for Defects in Nevada?

Statutes of limitations and repose work together to limit the period you can hold a developer responsible for construction defects. […]

Construction Defect

What Is the Attorney’s Role in the Construction Defect Claim Process?

The attorney’s role in the construction defect claim process is a critical one. When a construction defect is discovered, an […]

Real Estate

Can a Real Estate Agent Be Sued For Misrepresentation?

You recently bought a property in Nevada and later discovered that the realtor misrepresented specific facts regarding the premises. If […]

Construction Defect

When Are Developers Liable in Construction Defect Case?

When are developers liable in a construction defect case? Developers could be liable in a construction defect case if they […]


Who Pays When a Nevada HOA Loses a Lawsuit?

Association homeowners may foot the bill if their HOA loses a lawsuit. Typically made up of member residents, many residential […]

Construction Defect

What Is Construction Negligence?

Construction negligence happens when a project fails to comply with building codes and standards of care. Negligence at any stage […]

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