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Real Estate

Buying a Home? Beware of These Red Flags

The hot real estate market and fear of missing out shouldn’t cause homebuyers to overlook red flags during the home-buying process. […]

Construction Defect

Construction Delayed? Here’s What You Should Know

Construction delays could lead to lawsuits between the property owner and the contractor, with both parties having the ability to […]

Construction Defect

Can Subsequent Purchasers Of Real Property Pursue Claims Against Original Contractors for Construction Defects?

Purchasers of commercial buildings or homes may still be able to file claims against the original builder/contractor for construction defects, […]

Real Estate

Real Estate Sales Contracts

A real estate contract is a binding document that obligates both parties to its terms, and great care must be […]

Cannabis Law

What Business Owners Should Know As Cannabis Lounges Prepare to Open In Nevada

Business owners should learn the legal landscape as recreational marijuana lounges prepare to open in Nevada. The Legislature passed a […]

Business Law

Hemp Growers in Nevada: Why It’s Important to Get Everything in Writing

Contracts are a key requirement for any business for all kinds of dealings. Without a written agreement, a business may lose money […]


These New State Laws Will Impact HOAs in Nevada

In the latest legislative session, Nevada lawmakers passed several laws that impact Homeowner Associations. The laws range from what cars […]

Construction Defect

Who Is Liable When a Contractor’s Mistake Damages a Neighbor’s Property?

The contractor, homeowner, or both may be able to be held liable when a neighbor’s home is damaged by the […]

Construction Defect

5 Signs the Builder Cut Corners [infographic]

Builders take shortcuts in a number of ways, and it often leaves homebuyers holding the bag. Even though homebuyers have […]

Real Estate

Reno’s Real Estate Market Is Red Hot. Here’s Why

Reno home prices are going up, and the short-term prediction is that this will continue for the foreseeable future, However, some […]

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