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These New State Laws Will Impact HOAs in Nevada

In the latest legislative session, Nevada lawmakers passed several laws that impact Homeowner Associations. The laws range from what cars […]

Construction Defect

Who Is Liable When a Contractor’s Mistake Damages a Neighbor’s Property?

The contractor, homeowner, or both may be able to be held liable when a neighbor’s home is damaged by the […]

Construction Defect

5 Signs the Builder Cut Corners [infographic]

Builders take shortcuts in a number of ways, and it often leaves homebuyers holding the bag. Even though homebuyers have […]

Real Estate

Reno’s Real Estate Market Is Red Hot. Here’s Why

Reno home prices are going up, and the short-term prediction is that this will continue for the foreseeable future, However, some […]


What You Should Know About Inheriting an HOA Property

Every HOA should be aware of how its governing documents treat transfers of ownership due to inheritance. The new owner has […]

Cannabis Law

Are You in Compliance with Nevada’s Cannabis Testing Facility Regulations?

Nevada’s cannabis industry is highly regulated, and testing facilities have a number of legal requirements to follow. Each testing facility […]

Business Law

What Happens When an NDA Is Violated?

An NDA is generally an enforceable contract, and violating it could lead to a lawsuit on a number of grounds. Those […]

Construction Defect

How Inspections and Destructive Testing Can Impact Your Case

The steps that one takes in preserving evidence are crucial to a strong construction defect case. Proper notice to involved parties […]

Construction Defect

Defects in Bridge Structures

Defects in bridge structures are common and can pose a significant threat to life and property. It is estimated that […]

Real Estate

Reno Real Estate Market: Inventory Hits Record Lows

Available residential real estate has dropped to record low levels in Reno and many parts of the country. As the […]

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