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Business Law

Understand Your Contract Before You Sign

Contracting parties in Nevada should make sure they understand the provisions and terms of an agreement before signing. Parties rely […]


10 Things HOAs May Regulate

Nevada HOAs are allowed to regulate many things in their neighborhoods as long as they comply with their own governing […]

Construction Defect

Construction Defects: Did Your Negligent Developer File Bankruptcy?

It is a common misconception that there are no remedies available for construction defects when contractors file for bankruptcy.  In fact, a […]

Construction Defect

Nevada’s Construction Defect Law – Mandatory Prelitigation Process

Before homeowners in Nevada can file lawsuits for construction defects, they must first complete a mandatory prelitigation process. This process […]

Real Estate

Are Rezoning or Eminent Domain Actions Threatening Your Property?

Nevada residential and commercial property owners that learn that the city, county, or state government might seize their property through […]

Cannabis Law

CBD Companies Under Fire

Nevada cannabis businesses have faced legal threats from consumer lawsuits, but recent federal court actions to halt several class-action lawsuits […]

Business Law

Elements to Establish a Breach of Contract Claim

When a contractual party breaches a contract, the other party must present evidence to prove several elements before a claim […]


What HOAs Can Do About Unpaid Assessments

When homeowners fail to pay homeowners’ association dues or assessments, HOAs have several options for enforcement. Dues are assessed to […]

Construction Defect

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Construction Defect Case in Nevada?

When construction defects lead to litigation in Nevada, several types of damages may be recoverable. General contractors may pursue litigation […]

Construction Defect

When Construction Defects Lead to Toxic Mold

In Nevada and California, construction defects that cause toxic mold to build up in homes and buildings can cause substantial […]

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