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Cannabis Law

How COVID-19 Is Impacting the Cannabis Industry in Nevada

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across Nevada, the cannabis industry has been impacted in several ways. The stay-at-home order […]

Construction Defect

Is Your Dream Home Giving You Nightmares? Beware of Secret Settlements

Arbitration clauses and non-disclosure agreements in Nevada construction disputes can potentially harm the rights of homeowners when they are seeking […]

Real Estate

Legal Remedies Available in a Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Plaintiffs can pursue expectation, restitutionary, general, special, and reliance damages when signatories to a contract fail to fulfill their contractual obligations. […]

Real Estate

What NV and CA Businesses Should Know About COVID-19 and Force Majeure

COVID-19 has created contractual ripples that are rolling across the country and businesses should confirm their legal obligations before assuming […]


HOA Homeowner Rights and Responsibilities

To help protect themselves, property owners in common-interest communities should understand their rights, as well as their legal obligations. Serving […]

Real Estate

How Will COVID-19 Impact the Real Estate Industry?

People and businesses that are involved in the real estate market in Nevada and Northern California are encountering significant changes […]

Business Law

How to Find the Best Breach of Contract Attorney in Nevada

Choosing the right legal representative to handle your case may mean the difference between successful resolutions and coming up short in […]

Construction Defect

Common Types of Residential Construction Defect Cases in Nevada

Construction defects can range from an improperly installed tile to more serious and costly problems, like an improperly installed exterior wall […]


Can HOA Rules Be Changed?

Governing documents can typically be changed or otherwise amended as long as the correct procedures are followed. Homeowners’ associations may […]

Construction Defect

New Home Construction Defects Law Protects Nevada Homeowners and HOAs

The provisions included in Nevada’s recently amended construction defect law grants additional protections and benefits to homeowners and HOAs in […]

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