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5 Signs the Builder Cut Corners [infographic]

Builders take shortcuts in a number of ways, and it often leaves homebuyers holding the bag. Even though homebuyers have legal recourse, many of these shortcuts may put the integrity of the building and the safety of its occupants in danger. Here are five ways that builders cut corners to save time or money at their customers’ expense.

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5 Signs the Builder Cut Corners Infographic

Subpar Building Materials

Building materials are a large part of the construction cost, and they are the foremost way that a builder tries to skimp. Things like lumber, roofing, and flooring have lower-cost options, and there is usually a difference in quality. Some buyers pay for an upscale building, but the builder uses cut-rate building materials. This often becomes apparent very quickly after the buyer takes possession.

Using Unskilled Labor

There are noticeable benefits of hiring experienced construction workers who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, builders may decide to save money by hiring cheaper workers. However, they generally get what they pay for since construction workers are not fungible. 

Not Properly Sizing Systems

The builder is obligated to provide things like an HVAC system and refrigerator with the initial construction. Homes need utilities to be sized properly to reflect the square footage. Builders may install air conditioners and hot water heaters that are too small to save money, even though the home size requires larger units. 

Installing Things Incorrectly

The construction process takes time to get right. Many installations have intricate multi-step processes and must be sequenced correctly. Builders may skip a step or two to save time or allow one trade to install before another simply to save time and money. This is where buyers need to be careful because things may look like they have been installed correctly, and problems only manifest themselves later in time.

Inadequate Supervision

Every construction job should have a foreman who oversees the job and ensures that it is done correctly. This should be a skilled and experienced person. However, some builders do not have a supervisor or hire an inexperienced person to save money. Supervision is much of what ensures that building standards and codes are followed. Without it, unskilled workers may make mistakes that buyers get stuck with for years to come.

Many buyers contact a construction defect attorney when they discover that the builder cut corners. They may be able to recover when the builder does not provide them with what they paid for under the contract if they file a construction lawsuit.

What Our Clients Say

My family and I are thankful to Maddox, Segerblom and Canepa for their assistance during a three year case regarding construction defects to our home. We are truly appreciative of their knowledge, determination and assistance during this process. They were always courteous, and available to answer any and all of our concerns and questions. Thank you for the wonderful resolution. Many thanks to you and your staff.

Frances Castelli

We used Maddox, Segerblom & Canepa to represent us in a legal suit re problems in construction on new properties that we purchased from a developer.

We were very pleased with the representation provided by this law firm. They were fully communicative, responsive to our questions and were very knowledgeable about the issues that required resolution. Even after we reached a resolution, they have been responsive in making sure to point us in the right direction for help with repairs that are required.

We would recommend them to others with similar issues that require legal help.

Atam & Margo Lalchandani

Maddox, Segerblom & Canepa did a FANTASTIC job in our construction defects case. I interacted with several people from their office throughout our 2 year litigation. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always prompt about getting back to you when you have questions/comments/concerns. I especially enjoyed working with Darcy, Ardea, Eva, and Sandra. Being part of a lawsuit is no fun for anyone, but if you have to be a part of one, I can’t say enough positive things about this firm!

Victoria Fox

The law firm of Maddox, Segerblom, and Canepa were amazing to work with. They were thorough and always available for any questions we had. We worked a lot with Sandy who was always professional, friendly, always on time for appointments and just a great person to represent this firm. We have never been involved in a law suit before and they made it comfortable for us. We appreciate the hard work the lawyers and people who work for the firm did and would recommend them.

Becky Loudenburg
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