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Adrian Gilardini (Caserro Ranch homeowner)

by Chad Antos on March 21, 2014 Comments Off on Adrian Gilardini (Caserro Ranch homeowner)

“My wife and I had purchased a brand new home in Northern Nevada.  During the first few years, we had issues with the construction of the house which was reported to the builder.  When it became evident we could not rely on the builder to fix the home correctly, we engaged Maddox and Associates for representation.  In the 5 years of litigation that followed, Maddox and Associates proved to be patient and committed to resolving our issues.  They provided timely guidance and stood behind us throughout the process.  We are happy with the conclusion of our case and especially grateful for the professional service provided by Maddox and Associates.”

Chad AntosAdrian Gilardini (Caserro Ranch homeowner)