Construction Defects Resources

What Should I Do?

1. Talk To Your Builder
Always begin by bringing the problem to the attention of your builder.  Ask for a description of how the problem will be repaired and a reasonable estimate as to when the repairs will be completed.

2. Make Notes – Keep Records
Most serious construction defects take time to resolve.  Memories can fade.  It’s a good idea to make notes regarding all of your contact with the builder.  Items to note: When you talked to the builder, when they were supposed to show up, what happened, etc.  Also, keep all work orders the builder provides you for repairs.

3. Take Photographs
Take photographs of the defect, the damage it caused and the damage to any personal items caused by the defect.  If repairs are being made, it is a good idea to take photographs at various stages of the repair – before, during, and after.

4. Talk to Your neighbors
Are you neighbors experiencing similar construction problems?  How has the builder resolved their problems?  Are they satisfied?  How many neighbors are having problems?

5. Know Your Rights
Nevada law protects homeowners against construction defects, in some cases, for up to ten years or more.  Proper resolution of a construction defects is not limited to the home warranty.  Many variables apply, so it is best if you have good legal advice from the beginning.

6. Call An Attorney
If you have made repeated attempts to have your builder repair your construction defect and it has not been resolved to your satisfaction or if you your neighbors all have a common problem that isn’t being resolved, you should seek competent legal advice.

Typical Construction Defects:

  • Roof blows off
  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • Water under home
  • Toilet leaks
  • Sewage backs up
  • Dust accumulates at windows

Typical Defect Specific to Nevada
Hard pan soil contributes to water migration under home.  Some builders assume it never rains and never properly waterproof.

Expansive Soil
Soil swells when wet then shrinks when dry.  This causes the foundation to move which can result is serious damage.

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